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Opening Arguments

I gave at the office

Ah, if only the wandering astronaut had learned this startling and little-known information, that experts say "many employers are caught by surprise by the ripple effects of intra-office relationships, which can demoralize staff and spread envy and resentment." The office romance -- a big pain, but you can't stop them. The combination of attraction, common interests and sheer proximity is too powerful. Maybe a little education would help?

Instead, experts suggest companies educate staff about what is considered appropriate behavior at the office and incorporate it into training.

"You want to set basic guidelines, such as keeping the interaction out of the office," said Ayana Brooks, an associate at Meyer Suozzi English and Klein, a law firm that specializes in sexual harassment claims.

Alas, no. Besides, keeping the "interaction" out of the office would remove any of the fun those of us not in the romance get. I've become something of an expert on watching people go to the coffee maching together, knowing which ones are really going for coffee and which ones are not, you know, going for the coffee. But the article is right about one thing: It's the breakup that is the most interesting to watch. Stand back! Flying libidos are crashing everywhere.

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