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Opening Arguments

I'll wait till the movie comes out

I don't care about the Karl Rove story, I don't want to care about the Karl Rove story, and you can't make me care about the Karl Rove story. 1. It's about Democrats and Republicans jockeying for 2006; I'll wait for the real issues. 2. The mainstream press is on the Democrats' side, though trying mightily to maintain the delusion that it is objective and neutral. Big shock.

If you absolutely have to have a fix, here's an illustration, from The Wall Street Journal and The Nation, of how the right and left can see the same set of facts and come to diametrically opposed conclusions.


Thu, 07/14/2005 - 9:49pm

Yeah, who cares if White House officials are possibly betraying National Security interests? Boring! Gimme a good old missing girl or hurricane anyday. Now THAT's news!