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Opening Arguments

Indian takers

Oklahoma is stealing our Miami Indians! So the Oklahoma Miami can have a tribal presence here! To claim tribal lands! And open casinos! And then . . .

By the time Miami of Indiana has its legitimacy restored, some like Dunnagan, of Peru, fear there will be no more service areas left to claim.

The Potawatomi, soon to open the Four Winds Casino and Resort in Michigan, has 10 service areas in Indiana.

They reportedly have land trusts for 610 acres, he said.

And while the Miami of Oklahoma had their reach for land trusts in Gary denied in 2003 because they didn't have a local tribal presence to oversee development, their state presence is growing stronger.

In recent years they've snapped up 50 to 70 members from the Indiana tribe.

OK, let's recognize the Miami. As long as the government itself has the right to con us out of our money, I don't know why we can't let the Indians do it, too. But at least it should be our Indians so we don't send our sucker bets to Oklahoma.


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