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Opening Arguments

Indiana's finest

It's good to know that not all our corn will be sacrificed to ethanol and increasing the cost of tortillos in Mexico. Some of it will continue to be quite useful:

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ind -- Bourbon may be synonymous with Kentucky, but its main ingredient is rooted in the farm fields that blanket the southern half of Indiana.

According to federal law, at least 51 percent of the grain used to make straight bourbon must come from corn. And because of the large amount that Kentucky's distillers need, they often turn to people such as Jeff Trimpe, the owner of Elizabethtown Grain Inc., between Seymour and Columbus.

[ . . .]

Brown-Forman is Trimpe's biggest client for corn. The whiskey market also is a critical buyer for other growers and suppliers in Bartholomew, Jackson, Decatur and surrounding counties.

"The best end-user for our area for the last 20 years has been the distilleries," Trimpe said, steering his farm truck past sprawling cornfields on a steamy afternoon.

Talk about your efficient biofuels.

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Bob G.
Mon, 07/23/2007 - 7:55am

Yeah, it's a darn shame we're only going to glean about 50 gallons per ACRE per YEAR for ethanol from all that corn....
And that ethanol has only about 75% of the combustability of regular fuel...darn shame

Better to save it FOR whiskey.