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Opening Arguments

It's about time

BREAKING NEWS: Masson's Blog, which has led the pack in the time-zone issue, is reporting the federal Department of Transportation's Notice of Proposed Rule Making on the requests of the Indiana counties wanting to change zones. (He also links to the pdf of the entire 18-page DOT document.) Five counties -- St. Joseph, Starke, Knox, Pike and Perry -- will have their requests to move from East to Central approved. All the rest were refused, although the proposal is tentative, and the other counties have until Nov. 10 to submit additional evidence. The DOT asks specifically for "convenience of commerce" information that might help it make a final decision.

Masson observes that the "the biggest fish, is of course, St. Joseph County." It's also the oddest one. Opinion was nowhere near overwhelming for the change, and St. Joe's "convenience of commerce" is at least as much with the East zones as with the Central zones.

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