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Opening Arguments

It's time for state action

Those rubes known as Hoosiers have gone and done it again. The Auburn City Council has voted not to enact a public-smoking ban. Fort Wayne, of course, has one. Columbia City does not. Bloomington does. Indianapolis doesn't but will have as soon as the approved one kicks in. You see where this is going. If you drove through Indiana from the Michigan line to the Kentucky line, you'd go in and out of smoking bans. This crazy patchwork quilt of bans will make us the laughingstock of the country, and the only acceptable solution is for the state to decide once and for all if we're going to be a smoking-ban state or a non-smoking-ban state.

Oh, wait. I was thinking of an entirely different issue. Never mind.

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Mike Sylvester LP
Thu, 09/22/2005 - 10:10am

Hah Hah Hah!

I personally think that whether people are allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars should be 100% up to the owner of said establishment. I do not in any way agree with smoking bans...

It certainly has created a patchwork similar to time zones...

We should get the government out of regulating small business owners...