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Opening Arguments

Judgment call

Some students at the Indiana University Mauer School of Law apparently resent an e-mail sent out by the Dean of Students urging students to exercise good judgment on a planned "pub crawl," for example by drinking "a full glass of water between the two or three beers you will have":

A few points:

* Two or three beers? That's an appropriate limit for NASCAR drivers, but not crawling, pedestrian law students.

* If you need a glass of water between two or three beers you are kind of a loser. We're not talking about celery eating waifs from West Hollywood. Corn-fed, salt of the earth, Hoosiers should be able to hold three beers without needing a water break.



tim zank
Tue, 04/06/2010 - 10:41am

I've never known prosecutors or law enforcement officers to be any different than the rest of us in the human race. Seems they suffer roughly the same percentage of human calamities from alcohol use as the rest of us.

They are certainly not immune to the propensity of over-indulging, and these days (unlike in the past) a they don't seem to get a break anymore when it comes to DUI's.