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Opening Arguments

Keep it to yourself

Too many people think we are a pure democracy instead of a republic, that our legislators should just vote the way we want them to vote. As wrong as that is, it would seem a good idea for those in government to at least know what we think. But Florida has a different idea:

TALLAHASSEE - Florida elections officials will begin enforcing a law which changes the state's "rules of political engagement": campaigns can't ask voters about the issues.

For example, political committees that push or want to defeat ballot initiatives, such as changing Florida's property tax structure, can't survey voters to find out how they feel about the issue.

I swear, the First Amendment is an absolute joke. It is used to protect all sorts of perversions it was never intended to apply to, and its main purpose of protecting political speech is all but ignored.


Bob G.
Wed, 08/29/2007 - 9:35am

Goodbye, Earth...Hello, BIZARRO World!