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Opening Arguments

Kick the mess down the road

It seems like every time I beat up on Dick Lugar, he goes and does o something I agree with:

Trying to provide health coverage to all Americans will hurt the economy at a time when it's already ailing, Sen. Richard Lugar said today.

[. . .]

But Lugar said in a statement today that he disagrees that failing to pass health reform will increase the deficit.


Instead, the Indiana Republican argued, Congress should put off trying to overhaul the system and try instead to find some “inexpensive, incremental improvements.”

Sigh. "Incremental improvements" are what made the federal government the moster it already is. And I have no doubt that if Obama were to take Lugar's advice, and the president came back with the same "reform" package when the economy was healthier, Lugar would be right in the pack we'd be trying to beat down with a stick. Still, a mess we don't enact this year is a mess we don't have to live with yet.