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Opening Arguments

Knight time

Apparently, Bobby Knight has not rejected out of hand the idea of actually going to Bloomington next month when he is inducted into the Indiana University athletics hall of fame:

The fact that Knight even acknowledged the invitation, that he not only admitting to knowing about it but that he revealed some measure of his thought process on the matter, and that he didn't just stare at the reporter and say "next question," is a hopeful sign for IU fans.

I dunno. Those IU fans are probably as divided as everyone else on whether Knight should attend and even whether IU should be honoring him. I was a big IU and Knight fan and defended the guy a lot longer than I should have given his generally inexcusable behavior. He is one of the greatest coaches in history, though, and not even many of his harshest critics say otherwise. It's generally not a good idea to revisit a place you were fired from, especially when there was so much bitterness on both sides, but if anybody can pull it off, Knight can.

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