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Opening Arguments

Laptop of lusury

Golleee, people, these students today sure have some newfangled stuff!

As it stands now, South Bend students will have the opportunity to go to a high tech high school in the next few years. As the district develops its vision, neighboring districts may be a model.

"When you walk into a 6th grade classroom here, their computers are up.”

That's David DelMuro, the director of technology for the Niles School District. At Oak Manor School, each 6th grader has his or her own laptop computer on the desk. It's an integral part of their learning experience. Homework, quizzes, and research aren't done the old fashion way with paper and pen at this school.

"The laptops provide them all to use their imagination in learning and go far beyond what the teacher can offer at that time," DelMuro explains.

I'm all for progress, but how do we know all this high-tech nonsense will actually substitute for real, nuts-and-bolts teaching and learning? What's next, are they gonna replace the telegraph set in the principal's office with a telephone? Bring in a radio instead of letting the Town Crier speak during lunchtime? First thing you know they'll want electricity so they can have air-conditioning and some of those fancy new incandescent light things.


Bob G.
Wed, 02/18/2009 - 12:28pm

Town Crier...LMAO!!!

"Oy-yay...oy yay...Today beith Wednesday, and thine victuals consist of Shepherd's Pie which awaits in yon cafeteria"!

Yeah...I remember that.
(Whatever happened to that guy, anyway?)


Leo Morris
Wed, 02/18/2009 - 12:35pm

I think he has a blog.