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Opening Arguments

The last farewell

You know, having more than a week off would hurt most college basketball teams. The players would get rusty, the coordination would be lacking, even stamina might suffer. But such a layoff could actually help the current Indiana University team:

But for a team that has played 10 games in the last 28 days to open the season, including six games away from Assembly Hall, a break probably comes with a lot of positives.

That's the kind of story I once would have read with interest. It puts the team's current situation in perspective, speculates on what the rest of the season might bring.

But, honestly, isn't that just about as boring as can be? Despite my avowed intent to finally give up on IU basketball, I did try to watch a game this season. Didn't know the coach. Didn't know any of the players. Who cared who won? Even if you just casually follow a team, there is some continuity. There will be new players you don't know, but while you're getting used to them there are always holdovers from last year whom you do know. That's probably true of most of the things we get used to in our lives, from the stores we shop at to the newspapers we read. Without the contituity, there's no emotional investment.

So long IU, finally.

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