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Opening Arguments

Left behind again

There is a proposal to move the date of Indiana's primary from May to March. Even if that happens, it won't make any difference, because of lot of other states are thinking about earlier elections, too:

As of last week, 18 states — including Illinois and Indiana — have proposals to move up their presidential nominating contests to dates far earlier than those in the 2004 campaign.

How about those 2008 Iowa caucuses? Try Jan. 14. What about the Nevada Democrat caucuses? Jan. 19. And the traditional presidential season kickoff, the New Hampshire primary? Jan. 22


William Larsen
Sat, 02/17/2007 - 11:35pm

I guess I missed this one. I would be aginst moving it earlier. I would be in favor of makingit later like June or July. The reason is simple. Most people are thinking about Christmas, Turkey and family in the last part of the year. We already have a voting age population that hardly votes. Moving it foward will reduce the number who vote and participate.

But from a person who goes door to door and speaks with people, well the cold will make it even more difficult for candiates like myself to run a campaign. Could it be that those elected want to stay elected and by moving the date, make it just more difficult to unseat them?