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Opening Arguments

Legal eagles

Lamest reasoning of the year so far: Enforcing a law will lead to more crime:

The new Arizona law will intimidate crime victims and witnesses who are illegal immigrants and divert police from investigating more serious crimes, chiefs from Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia said.

 [. . .]

"This is not a law that increases public safety. This is a bill that makes it much harder for us to do our jobs," Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said. "Crime will go up if this becomes law in Arizona or in any other state."

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, head of the Arizona Sheriff's Association and apparently more comfortable with logic than the police chiefs, nails the weakness of their argument:

Babeu called the police chiefs' argument "flawed from the beginning." Cooperation from illegal immigrants, particularly those coming from Mexico, is already low, he said, because they are in the United States illegally and because of law enforcement corruption in their native countries.

"Somehow when they appear in the U.S., magically their perception of law enforcement improves overnight?" Babeu said.

Someone in the law enforcement community at least has a clue about what "ill  


Larry Morris
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 9:33am

Austin, Texas is actually speaking out against the Arizona law, makes me sad to say I'm a Texan. And from the sound of this article, at least parts of Houston are also. The politics of this issue are getting old and what politician in their right mind believes we believe them when they call them

Bob G.
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 9:44am

Enforcing a law will CAUSE crime?
(wow, that's a new one on me)

Must be the reason crime has gone "DOWN" in Fort Wayne...'ya think?
(Oh, yeah, that was sarcasm you heard)

That's like saying enforcing the littering ordinance (here) will cause even MORE litter....!?!

I DO know that not (properly) enforcing the NOISE ordinance DOES produce MORE noise.
(all in the name of cultural diversity, mind you)

Doesn't it always come down to PEOPLE (who happen to shrug OFF the law)?

I'm just sayin'...