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Opening Arguments

Let them eat cheesebuar

Private enterprise, defined by the need to make a profit and compete with others trying to do the same:

A Burger King franchisee confirmed Wednesday that the company has asked franchisees to consider temporarily dropping the price of their double cheeseburger to $1, a move likely aimed at igniting a burger battle with McDonald's Corp.

[. . .]

Late last year, Oak Brook-based McDonald's increased the price of its own double cheeseburger from $1 to $1.19 due to pressure from its franchisees, whose profit margins were increasingly being squeezed by rising ingredient costs.

Public enterprise, defined by a monopolistic culture that does not fear competition:

Economists claim the United States is suffering the worst economic recession since 1957.

But in-state undergraduate tuition is going up throughout the state.

According to The Associated Press, Indiana's Commission for Higher Education recommended a 5 percent increase at IU, Purdue and the University of Southern Indiana. Ball State University and Ivy Tech Community College might raise their tuitions by 4 percent, and the Commission said that Indiana State University and Vincennes University shouldn't go higher than 3.5 percent.


Bob G.
Thu, 07/09/2009 - 10:28am

C'mon...if they want to "do it right"...roll them there prices back to $.27 a burger - with quarter cokes and $.30 fries...now THAT'S one way to beat any recession!

(and save a few bucks FOR That tuition increase!)

(Now yer talkin')

Leo Morris
Thu, 07/09/2009 - 10:33am

And McDonald's can come back with the All-American Meal we served when I worked there: Burger, fries and a shake for 45 cents. IPFW was one building, and I could afford to go there without getting a loan or a full-time job.