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Opening Arguments

Let us prey

Well, here's a headline you don't see every day: "IMPD arrest 2 after post-baptism brawl." Freddy Hernandez and an accomplice, Adea Picasso, punched Jaun Rangel in the face after harassing his wife at the ceremony and chasing him and his children down with their car:

Police, responding to a call, pulled Picasso over in the 8500 of Madison. When he refused repeated warnings to show his hands police doused him with pepper spray.

The spray appeared to have no affect and Picasso began yelling at officers, so they pulled him out of the driver's side window of the car. Police said he continued to resist arrest so they shocked him with a stun gun.

He had the spirit of the Lord in him -- can't no pepper spray or stun gun touch that! Interestingly, though, the story does not say which of the named individuals, if any, were the ones getting baptized. A lot more going on here than what we're told, I'm guessing.