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Opening Arguments

Let's preten

As someone with libertarian instincts, I probably have some survivalist in me. Sometimes I feel like just getting off the grid, hanging out in the wilderness beyond the reach of government. It never occurred to me, though, to stay in society and merely pretend the forces around me, like the law of the land, didn't apply to me:

INDIANAPOLIS -- 6News has learned that the FBI is investigating a growing group of Indiana residents who claim to be outside the law after their leader was convicted in a car theft scheme.


The so-called "sovereign citizens" group, Guardians of the Free Republic, believes members are exempt from state and federal laws and that they are entitled to money held by the U.S. Treasury.

[. . .]

Those individuals include Donald Moore, who showed Sanchez a badge and ID that he said stopped police from pulling him over or they'd face a $2 million fine, and Brad Henry, who sent a letter to the Delaware County assessor's office saying his home was an embassy and that he was exempt from property taxes.

Yes, these seem like a bunch of nuts even to someone as anti-government as I am. Here's an earlier story with a lot more information on these "Guardians." Love this:

Moore and others said they draw their beliefs from the Bible and U.S. Constitution. Moore said all that has to be done to be exempt from U.S. laws is to file documents available online with the Secretary of State.

I don't need no stinkin' laws, and here's my stinkin' badge to prove you can't touch me. Made it myself out of duct tape and drool.


Fri, 09/10/2010 - 9:24am

I've actually run into a couple of these people in the course of my debt collection efforts. The first one I wrote off as an isolated nut job. When the second one started making weird noises about UCC filings, I did some research. If you're interested, here is the blog post on their legal "theories":


Bob G.
Fri, 09/10/2010 - 11:53am

Sounds JUST like most ALL of my "neighbors....
Oh no, wait...they're all lazy-ass welfare-fraud "gimmes" with new cars from all that drug-dealing...

They just SOUND a lot alike.