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Opening Arguments

Let's stay the New World

A nation has to control its borders, and we are not. Illegal immigration at the least threatens the cohesion of America and at worst our protection from terrorism. But ending our tradtion of birthright citizenship doesn't seem like the best solution to the problem. Our "melting pot" has already become too much of a salad bowl, and this could be the last straw.

Posted in: Current Affairs


Mon, 11/21/2005 - 6:51am

Ending birthright citizenship isn't the best solution because in and of itself it's inadequate. It's a good start, though. Remove birthright citizenship from the equation and there will be one less bauble being dangled in front of people tempting them to come to the USA illegally (or to overstay their legal visits.)

But we still need a border fence; harsh penalties against American businesses (and individuals) who employ illegals; etc.