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Opening Arguments

Lightbulb warriors

Perhaps I was too hasty in ridiculing those who are trying to get us all to replace our incandescent light bulbs. I appear to be giving up an opportunity to fight evil:

Hillary Clinton vowed to pursue several specific goals if elected president, including universal health care, preschool for every child, and making college more affordable. She also pledged to promote energy independence and drew laughs from the crowd when she described replacing ordinary light bulbs with energy-efficient models and shutting off lights to conserve power.

"I turn off a light and say,


Steve Towsley
Tue, 03/20/2007 - 8:21pm

>"We should not be sending our
>money to people who are not
>going to support our values,"
>she said.

The funniest thing is, this remark could have been made by the most staunch conservative. One assumes that the two of them would not agree on what is meant by that statement, however.