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Opening Arguments

Little green houses

Because he has been among the strongest supporters of the auto industry, Rep. John Dingall of Michigan has frquently been at odds with environmentalists. But now he seems to be going green:

Their puzzlement grew last week when Dingell unveiled what looks, at first blush, to be one of the most visionary environmental initiatives ever laid before Congress.

Dingell, who as chairman of the House Energy Committee commands one of the most important legislative choke points in Washington, says he intends to hold hearings on a legislative package that includes:


tim zank
Mon, 10/01/2007 - 9:43am

What a wonderful idea, punish success.

Dingall-berry is nuckin' futs. If the democrats get half of what they are espousing this year, we'll all be keeping about 10% of our income.

Bob G.
Mon, 10/01/2007 - 10:07am

I don't feel that ANY success (which is hard enough to come by these days) warrants a punishment such as what's proposed...

Then again, I don't feel the *need* (or want) to mortgage our lives away on some Clampett-esque estate in the 'burbs when 1200+ sq. ft. house w/ a 2 car garage and a chunk of lawn works well enough.

Perhaps it comes down to our "wants" exceeding our "needs"?
Then maybe we need to step back and decide on priorities.

And if we all quit our jobs, those Dems can HAVE that 10% of our "nothing"!