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Opening Arguments

The long, long, long race

States keep moving up their primary contests:

Wyoming Republicans have jumped to the head of the pack in the nominating process, moving their delegate-selection conventions to Jan. 5 before even Iowa or New Hampshire vote.

While the move puts Wyoming first in the accelerated primary process, it is not expected to stay there as states continue to jockey for position. At stake for Wyoming Republicans on Jan. 5 will be 12 delegates to the national convention.

This means that the primary season, which we thought was going to go on forever, is quickly coming to an end (better hurry, Fred). We are likely to know who the two candidates will be by February. That will give us a nine-month presidential campaign -- we are going to get so sick of those two people. We have heard a lot about "Clinton fatigue" and"Bush fatigue." We're going to want the next president to just go away and leave us alone even before he or she takes office.


A J Bogle
Thu, 08/30/2007 - 8:37am

"we are going to get so sick of those two people. We have heard a lot about