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Opening Arguments

Mad as can be

OK, I know some presidents (such as LBJ) have been legendary for their tempers, but John McCain's is said to be uncontrollable -- you know, in the Bobby Knight, pathological range. According to a new book, it isn't just confined to being "passionate about the issues." He even goes off on his wife(warning -- very vulgar):

The Real McCain by Cliff Schecter, which will arrive in bookstores next month, reports an angry exchange between McCain and his wife that happened in full view of aides and reporters during a 1992 campaign stop. An advance copy of the book was obtained by RAW STORY.

Should McCain's temper be an issue in the presidential campaign? I'd say it's bothersome, at least, especially when considered in conjunction with his "you're not honorable if you don't agree with me" attitude.



Mon, 04/28/2008 - 11:36am

LOL. Calling his wife the C-word just shows that he's vile and disgusting.

Calling her a "Trollop" indicates that he doesn't even know which century he's living in.