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Opening Arguments

Make that Indianish

It's always interesting to see ourselves as others see us. This is from The Economist magazine of England:

Indiana seems a good fit for her. It is whiter, less educated and poorer than the country at large—characteristics of her keenest supporters in previous contests. According to stereotype, Indianans are wary of change—Barack Obama's signature word—particularly when it comes from Washington; for decades they resisted moving onto daylight saving time. Mrs Clinton's familiar face and recycled populism appeals to the state's conservative Democrats, including Senator Evan Bayh, one of her most ardent backers.

It was in Crown Point, Indiana, that she drank beer and a whisky shot for the cameras some weeks ago. Now she favours sports metaphors of varying quality—“We're going to knock balls out of the country's park,” she says, standing in a minor-league baseball stadium, “for the home team, which is America”—and speaks about working in her father's fabric-printing shop as a child.

Indianans. A big fat, white, uneducated, poor sigh. Hey, Mister, got some change?