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Opening Arguments

Meet the press

Well, good luck with that:

And finally — and perhaps most importantly — McCain will rely on free media to an unprecedented degree to get out his message in a fashion that aims to not only minimize his financial disadvantage but also drive a triangulated contrast among himself, the Democratic nominee and President Bush.

McCain advisers acknowledge they have little choice but to seek free entry into the media marketplace, as they have no chance of matching Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton in a dollar-for-dollar ad war, given that the Arizona senator's fundraising totals pale in comparison to both his prospective opponents and the Bush-Cheney political machine.

A Republican. Counting on the press to get his message out.

McCain has cozied up the the press, and they treat him better than they do other Republicans, but the treatment isn't likely to continue during the general election against Obama or (less likely) Clinton. Of course, by "free media," maybe he means this newfangled Internet thing the Democrats have been so good at using for networking and fundraising.  Nah.