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Opening Arguments

A mission from God

Our favorite band of merry religious warriors is on the march again, this time planning to picket a military funeral in neighboring Ohio:

COLUMBUS - Members of a Kansas church that pickets the funerals of dead soldiers say they would continue with plans for a protest yesterday in northeast Ohio despite a decision by a federal court upholding the state's law limiting where they may stand.

The mother of the targeted soldier, Army Sgt. Robert Carr, was unfazed.

"He's getting his hero's welcome home. We're going to bury him in a hero's way," Christine Wortman of Warren told The Associated Press on Saturday. "It's Robbie's day, not theirs."

At least church members don't say they they support the troops, just not their mission, since their mission is apparently to be mowed down in sufficient numbers for us to finally get the point that God is mad about the country's submission to deviance. What's he mad at Iraqis for, I wonder?

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