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Opening Arguments

The mob strikes again

A "state as moral arbiter" update: 

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Metro Police raided a business on the city's east side Tuesday night around 7:30 and busted an illegal poker club they had been investigating for about a year.

At the poker club patrons pay a membership fee, in addition to paying to play on any given evening. There were nine poker tables seating 11 people each. It appears the club ran games seven days a week. 

Officers arrested three people and ticketed at least 60 others, ranging in age from 18 to 70, both men and women from Marion, Hancock, Hamilton and Morgan counties, possibly others.

Gambling is wrong, you see. It is an evil vice, a moral weakness. That's why the state must stamp it out wherever it appears. Unless, of course . . .


Thu, 03/15/2007 - 9:44am

sports betting is illegal in indiana.
all you people who bet on March madness are criminals, breaking the law.
senator wyss is looking for you. Racketeering is a public safety issue, you know. help stamp out tony soprano, john gotti, and the al capones of the world.
turn your self in. cancel your bet.
obey the laws.... or change them.prohibition never owrked, never will. it only makes the cops, lawyers, and judges rich; job security.

contact your govt. today. tell them how you feel.