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Opening Arguments

The Mother Country

With Prince Charles visiting us here in The Colonies, perhaps its time for a roundup of news about the Mother Country:

  • According to secret documents from World War II just made available, British strumpets intent on seducing American GIs could have scuttled the war effort:

"Of course, the American soldiers are encouraged by these young sluts, many of whom should be serving in the forces. At night the square, with its garden, is apparently given over to the most vicious debauchery."

  • Scientologists may be strange, but at least they know how to spread the cash around, to the delight of people in Sussex, home of the wacko cult's religion's world headquartes.
  • New research shows that more Brits believe in ghosts than believe in God.
  • The British, it turns out, really do not like the French:

    Eighty-six percent of people in Britain aged 18 to 30 think the French deserve "a popular negative stereotype," suggests an opinion poll conducted for an Anglo-French art show in London.

    That compares to 27 percent of like-aged people in France who felt the British held a negative stereotype of their nation, according to the survey.

And, speaking of Prince Charles, Americans are showing uncommon good sense:

Gallup poll published yesterday found that four fifths of Americans had no interest in the eight-day tour that begins in New York today. Only 19 per cent wanted to meet Charles and Camilla, according to the poll that appeared in USA Today under the headline “Visit is a royal bore for most in the USA.

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