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Opening Arguments

A nasty turn o

A brave public servant stands up for his oppressed constituents who are being crushed by the forces of tyranny:

Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corp. Board member Greg Waltz doesn't like the referendum process.

“You're putting neighbors against neighbors, community members against community members,” he said. “For the state of Indiana to do this to these communities, it's just terrible.”

Those poor, beleagured community members, forced to turn against each other by expressing their opinions about a proposed $26 million renovation project. Those opinions may differ from others being expressed. That would mean an argument in which somebody is right and somebody is wrong. How could we let such a terrible thing happen, right here in the middle of a supposedly free country? Why can't we go back to the way it used to be, when enlightened officials could just tell us what we needed and spare us the agony of having to decide for ourselves?