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Opening Arguments

Never on a Sunday

The proposal to end the ban on Sunday liquor sales is likely to come before the General Assembly again this year. And die again this year. Even in normal times, it's hard to get legislators to consider such a radical idea, and these aren't normal times. In the economic downturn, the legislature is going to have enough to do just to keep the state solvent.

But perhaps we could take one small step:

The Indiana General Assembly is considering a bill that would lift the ban on the sale of motorcycles on Sundays.
Currently anyone in Indiana who sells a motorcycle on a Sunday is guilty of a class "B" misdemeanor.

And if they can get that done, maybe they can go for the really big one -- allowing car sales on Sunday! Most people probably aren't aware that the lack of Sunday sales isn't just a matter of custom, like barbers all closing on Mondays. It's a part of the same blue-law mentality that forbids Sunday liquor sales. Some dealerships are against Sunday sales for the same reason some liquor stores are -- it would drive up their overhead by forcing them to compete on a day on which they can now take it easy.

No doubt many dealerships would more than make up for the extra expenses through increased sales. Sunday is the one day most people have off. There's one thing buyers would lose, though. That's the opportunity we now have on Sundays to wander through lots and casually look at cars without pushy sales people popping up to harass us every 10 seconds.


Bob G.
Fri, 01/08/2010 - 3:32pm

ROFL...point made, Leo.
Wandered through many a car lot (new AND used) with Dad back in the day...and ALWAYS on Sunday (early afternoon).
AH, those were the days of FREE "window-shopping".