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Opening Arguments

Never too late?

The "Summer of Love" was just a media-created fantasy that lasted but a few months, followed by decades of baby boomer nostalgia for what could have been. Now that the 40th anniversary is upon us, the drivel will start really piling up:

As has been mentioned countless times since, the whole "Summer of Love" experience was somewhat misguided. The long-haired hippies preaching individuality all looked the same. And the openness concerning sex and drugs was indeed a mind-blowing experience until, of course, the long-range health consequences became clear. That part about avoiding the rat race was inspired, too - at least until your parents' loans dried up.

Sad to say, I missed out on that summer, undergoing Army training during the first part and experiencing something besides sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll overseas during the second part. Well, we had some of that, but only during the intermissions. Perhaps one never gets too old to tune in, turn on and drop out. Suppose we can persuade the downtown block-party people to give us at least an Evening of Love this summer?