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Opening Arguments

A new sheriff out of town

I've had problems with GOP Senate candidate Dan Coats' tenure in Washington as a lobbyist and have mentioned the issue in a couple of editorials and on the blog. So it seems only fair to point out that Democrat opponent Brad Ellsworth, a House incumbent seen babbling in a recent ad about how "they" in Congress are in bed with the special intererts (as opposed to hard-working  Hoosiers like Ellsworth, who was a sheriff for "25 years") was caught hanging out with trial lawyers at a convention in Vancouver and begging them for campaign contributions.

It was just a few weeks ago that Democrats tried painting Coats as a candidate in thrall to lobbyists. How will they explain Ellsworth's international travels to beg for trial lawyer cash?

Well, I don't think they'll even try. And since they're not even within 20 points of Coats, I guess I don't care much, either.