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Opening Arguments

A nifty work-release program

People often say of government employees, "Oh, they're nothing but a bunch of crooks." Occasionally, they are right:

Richmond city officials are still unsure how a woman who spent six months in prison for theft and forgery in Madison County, Ind., was hired as office manager at the Richmond Street Department eight months after her release.

Julie Smitson, 43, of 1401 S. Fourth St., was fired from the street department June 12, arrested by Richmond police Aug. 20 and charged with 11 counts of theft and one count of official misconduct.

They're unsure of how it happened? Yeah, it's a dang mystery, that's for sure. The world is just getting too complicated, and things like this are bound to happen. No way to stop it. So sorry, couldn't be helped.

Oh, wait, perhaps this might be a clue:

 (Richmond Mayor Sally) Hutton confirmed that more thorough background checks would now be run on new hires.

"We've decided after this we will do a much more thorough investigation despite the expense," she said.

Well, what do you know? Mystery solved!