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Opening Arguments

No. 8

If your basketball team is behind, it's obviously because the refs are incompetent or crooked. And if you get a lousy slot in the tournament, something is fishy, too:

Shock and surprise were the initial reactions. Stemler said he thought the Hoosiers would probably be around a No. 6 seed. ESPN.com's Joe Lunardi in his final bracketology report Sunday afternoon had Indiana as a No. 5 seed.
But there it was: No. 8-seeded Indiana against No. 9 Arkansas in Raleigh, N.C. To the winner, a likely chance to play No. 1 North Carolina, the team rated as the highest of the four No. 1 seeds.
To win the tournament, a team will sooner or later have to beat a No. 1 seed or somebody who was good enough to beat a No. 1 seed. Let's get over this so we can concentrate on the truly important things, like how well the Colts will do in what will probably be Tony Dungy's last year.
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