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Opening Arguments

No big secret

An employee of the Marion County Clerk's Office has been fired after accusations she tried to sell prescription drugs, and now the city officials are being questioned about why they didn't check her Facebook.com page as part of the screening process:

"Im bein charged wit a d n b felony haha {expletive} u will get yers," read a posting on Straw's page. "{Expletive} u will get yers it called karma."


Her page also includes several references to hard partying, sex and drug and alcohol abuse.

It seems the police check Facebook profiles as part of their background checks before hiring people but the city doesn't, apparently because officials think it can be "subjective and, therefore, unfair." Maybe. The woman had no criminal record, and just because people write things on Facebook, that doesn't mean they actually do those things. But anyone dumb enough to write such things lacks a basic judgment that should make any potential employer think twice.

I wonder if private investigators are losing business these days. With so many people willing to give up everything to sites like Facebook and Twitter, what secrets are left to uncover?


Bob G.
Wed, 05/06/2009 - 10:11am

...Only the ones we choose to take to our graves.