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Opening Arguments

No bull

Unclear on the concept of city living:

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - When an Indianapolis family bought "Charlie" six months ago, the intention was to eat him for dinner. But while they were waiting for him to fatten up, they grew attached to him. But there is one large problem: Charlie is a one-year-old bull who's creating a stir in their far south side neighborhood.

[. . .]

Ceballos isn't sure what he'll do with Charlie when he gets bigger. Full grown, his weight could top 1,500 pounds. Already, Ceballos said Charlie has managed to hop the fence and he tends to nudge his way out of his home, which is a small shed.

Neighbors said the bull is inappropriate for a residential area. They say it smells and creates a fly problem. And they worry it's only going to get worse in the summer.

Some have wondered what the limits of my live-and-let-live libertarianism are, and I guess this provides a clue. Chickens, OK, as long as you keep them in an enclosed area. A pony or two? Fine. A cute widdle piggy that stays on your property? Dandy. A couple of goats to nibble your grass? Hey, go green, live long and prosper.  But a 1,500-pound bull that jumps fences and "tends to nudge his way out of" his shed? I think that's where I might just draw the line.


Bob G.
Tue, 05/19/2009 - 10:17am

I dunno, Leo....seems he might have a damn fine "alternative" way to get around town or to work.

No petroleum product consumption, gets decent mileage (as long as he goes in the direction YOU want), doesn't break the speed limit (ahh, but what about a SEATBELT?), and as long as he doesn't FART all that much, hardly ANY emissions.

ANd I'd wager anyone contemplating ROAD RAGE would surely think TWICE before messin' with Charlie!

PLUS, you get some "steaks" at the "end of Charlie's journey".

What's there NOT to like?