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Opening Arguments

No crime was committed

The Washington Post decides that people should be charged with actual crimes, not just possibly hinting that they might be willing to commit crimes:

These arguments probably don't meet the legal standard, and Mr. Craig is at fault for not consulting a lawyer and for waiving his right to appear before a judge. Yet it seems clear that he pleaded guilty because his priority was not exoneration but avoiding exposure. What's troubling is that the sting operation may have been counting on just that sort of motivation in order to extract guilty pleas from men who, in fact, had done nothing explicitly lewd or illegal.

Many or even all of those charged, including Mr. Craig, probably were in the bathroom in search of sex. No one is in favor of sex in airport restrooms or any other place where it may cause public offense. But as with any other crime, those targeted and arrested for lewd or disorderly conduct ought first to be caught in a lewd or disorderly act. That wasn't the case with Mr. Craig.

That's not a surprising position for the Post. But it is remarkable that one of the bastions of liberal orthodoxy would apply it to a "Republican hypocrite," who, as all good liberals know, deserves nothing but ridicule and retribution.


A J Bogle
Mon, 09/17/2007 - 11:58am

except that it was mostly republicans calling for Craig's head including our own Mark Souder. Right Wing Radio was all abuzz with this scandal.

The liberal "bogeyman" was largely silent on this matter.

The fact does remain that if the person's public life and voting record is pro "family values" and anti-gay that their own hypocrisy on the matter is fair game.

How soon we forget the acrimony from the right towards Clinton who at least had his indescretion with a member of the opposite gender.

There has been no shortage of scandal of this nature on the right lately either - Foley, Craig, Haggard etc.

Mon, 09/17/2007 - 12:49pm

You forget, however, that a good petard hoist is deeply satisfying. As Mr. Lincoln said, those who do not wish freedom for others deserve it not for themselves.