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Opening Arguments

No more fishwrap

I've written here before about true convergence, the day when we can carry around a lightweight, handheld device that will do everything. That day keeps getting closer and closer:

But it is the potential for boosting mobile Internet use that makes electronic paper displays particularly attractive, said Karl McGoldrick, Chief Executive of Polymer Vision.

Displays that can be rolled up mean that while the screen gets bigger, the actual device can stay small.

But this isn't especially good news for people in the newspaper industry:

An electronic newspaper, when the technology is finally available to produce one, still may not be the device to rescue newspaper publishers from an aging readership and dwindling circulation numbers.

Such a device could well be sold by newspaper publishers who would subsidize it in order to sell subscriptions, but it would have to offer other sources to be attractive, Schadler said.

"If you would lock consumers into just one news service, they will not find it interesting. Users might want to read a blog, a competitor, a magazine, a book -- not just the Financial Times, the Herald Tribune, the New York Times," he said.

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