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Opening Arguments

No relief

Our hyperpartisan divide is starting to spill over into everything. A Hoosier pervert pleaded guilty to posting an obscene message on a 17-year-old female's MySpace page, the and the judge got creative:

As part of his punishment, the judge ordered him to walk up and down Main Street in Petersburg, Ind., wearing a sign of shame.

The sign read, “I sent an obscene message to a minor, and I am truly sorry.“

Did the commenters to the story want to talk about the pervert? Of course not. "Now if we can just get Obama and Pelosi to wear a sign saying I just screwed every American and I'm ashamed," the first one wrote. "Yeah right," said the second one, "just as soon as the Bush Crime Family does the same." Then it got political.

Time for a week's vacation with no news, I think. Oh, wait, I can't. We're interviewing candidates for the primary.