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Opening Arguments

Noseless in Oregon

Those of us who get excited over evidence of rightwing populist anger bubbling up in places like New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts should remember that there is still such a thing as good, old-fashioned, class-envious, rich-hating,  leftwing populist anger:

Amid recession, high unemployment and tight household budgets, voters in Oregon have agreed to raise taxes on people with higher incomes, to pay for public education and social services.

 [. . .]

Charles Sheketoff, executive director of the Oregon Center for Public Policy, one of the groups that pushed for the tax increases, said the campaign was not about class.

“It's not that it was targeted at the rich,” he said. “It was targeted at the right people, those with the ability to pay. It made the system more progressive.”

Oh, excuse me. It's not about class envy at all, just getting all those nasty people with "the ability to pay." Go ahead, kill those jobs with your taxes. That'll really make the rich f