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Opening Arguments

Not all recession effects are bad

Darn, just when I was thinking about investing in Soylent Green:

Citing the impact of the recession, Indiana's environmental agency has halted funding for state grant and loan programs that support recycling and pollution prevention -- a cutoff that will persist through at least through summer 2010.

[. . .]

Carey Hamilton, the executive director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition, said she's worried what the funding cutoff would mean for the nonprofit coalition's 160 member groups statewide involved in recycling, composting, source reduction and other efforts.

I have a suggestion. Open at least one new landfill in each of Indiana's 92 counties. There is plenty of land available -- contra the Green myth that "We are running out of landfill space!" -- and digging the holes and hauling the garbage would provide lots of jobs.


Bob G.
Wed, 12/31/2008 - 11:33am

I really like your landfill-per-county idea...has a lot of merit (as does your aforementioned employment opportunities).

Soylent GREEN is fine, btw...
(tastes like chicken)
It's the soylent BROWN & YELLOW you have to be wary of.
And there IS not soylent BLUE...'cause that makes you live forever (as Carlin would say).


tim zank
Wed, 12/31/2008 - 8:51pm

The land-fill per county idea makes waaaaaay toooooo much sense to happen.

What we really need is a committee to study it, and a consultant to "facilitate" it, and a commission to co-ordinate it to give to the subcommittee that submits it to a hearings committee on behalf of the rules committee ....

oh hell, you get the picture