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Opening Arguments

Now, that's a distraction

If Sen. Tom Wyss decides to submit a texting-while-driving ban in the upcoming General Assembly session, maybe he should throw this in there, too:

Indianapolis police say they arrested a drunken man who was watching a pornographic video while driving his car.

Police tell The Indianapolis Star that an officer saw a car "drifting left of center" about 12:20 a.m. Wednesday and pulled it over.

The officer says 53-year-old Gregory Green accidentally put the car into reverse, and the officer had to yell at Green several times to put it in park.

I like to multitask as much as the next person, but what a waste of a porn movie and a good drunk.


tim zank
Thu, 12/09/2010 - 2:26pm

Please Please Please somebody run against Wyss before he actually starts taking turns stopping by our individual residences to do a "walk through" in search of anything HE might deem harmful to me or my family.

Jes*s he drives me nuts.

Fri, 12/10/2010 - 7:48pm

Yes, I agree, his protecting us from everything is getting a little old. Ok, a lot old.

Has he ever done anything else?

After I learned of his lovely home in Indy, I thought it was time to go.