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Opening Arguments

Obama on ice

The courting of the common folk continues. Hillary went the furthest with her shot-and-a-beer trick, but Obama gets points for the greatest outreach. He had lunch in Muncie with five "low dollar" donors (combined contribution: $165), four of whom were flown in from all over the country. The Indiana participant said it was definitely among the "top 10 events" of her life (only in the top 10?), and one participant plans to hold on to the memory:

Lochetta said one of her fellow diners, Alisha Cordell of Raleigh, N.C., planned to take her sandwich home with her, freeze it and eat it on inauguration day.

That's if Obama wins, I presume. What will she do if faced on inauguration day with President Clinton or President McCain? Throw it away? Feed it to the dog? Take it out for a bite once a year to lament what might have been?