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Opening Arguments

Old hippies

Man, when you can't even get attention by dying en masse, what's the world coming to?

The arrests came after protesters lay down on the Capitol lawn in what they called a "die in" — with signs on top of their bodies to represent soldiers killed in Iraq. When police took no action, some of the protesters started climbing over a barricade at the foot of the Capitol steps.

Many were arrested without a struggle after they jumped over the waist-high barrier. But some grew angry as police with shields and riot gear attempted to push them back. At least two people were showered with chemical spray. Protesters responded by throwing signs and chanting: "Shame on you."

What would have been an enjoyable episode of street theater was ruined for me by this gratuitous swipe:

Army veteran Justin Cliburn, 25, of Lawton, Okla., was among a contingent of Iraq veterans in attendance.

"We're occupying a people who do not want us there," Cliburn said of Iraq. "We're here to show that it isn't just a bunch of old hippies from the 60s who are against this war."

Have they no respect for their elders? Those old hippies were Angry With America when these young whippersnappers were still waiting to come into the World That Must Be Changed.


Bob G.
Mon, 09/17/2007 - 8:35am

Amazing how some people just can't let the "dead" rest in peace, isn't it?