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Opening Arguments

The once and future governor

Just in case in hasn't sunk in with you yet that Mitch Daniels isn't a politics-as-usual governor:

“In my view, we have a new politics shaping up in this state,” Daniels explained. “The dividing lines, the fault lines, are not quite the ones we are so familiar with for most of our past. They are not the old categories: the party, left-right ideology, even geography. Those things were all deemed important and I think they are a little less important now. The new fault lines in Indiana politics are between the forces of change and the forces of standing still.”

He goes on to cite one of my favorite books, Virginia Postrel's "The Future and its Enemies," which defines "stasists" so well that you can come to understand how Al Gore and Pat Buchanan are exactly the same kind of people.

Daniels will continue to do things that upset a lot of people, and challengers of the status quo can sometimes start championing change just for change's sake. But resistance to change, just for stability's sake, is the greater danger these days. Things will not be dull for the next few years.

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