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Opening Arguments

The one and two-thirds bank

Fifth Third Bank doesn't operate in Fort Wayne, but it has a very visible presence in this part of the country, including Indianapolis. Every time I visit my mother and sister there, I see a Fifth Third branch and wonder where in the world the name came from. I've asked around from time to time, and the answer is usually something like "those are the streets the bank started on in Cincinnati." I finally looked it up, and the real answer is even more mundane, but interesting in its own way, as Cecil Adams points out.

UPDATE: Oops (see Dave's comment). Guess I should get out north more. UPDATE to the UPDATE: John chimes in.

Posted in: Hoosier lore


Thu, 08/04/2005 - 2:21am

Fifth Third Bank. Corner of Dupont and Coldwater.

Another off Maplecrest north of the Marsh Grocery.

Jon Swerens
Thu, 08/04/2005 - 6:57am

And in downtown for the past five years at the corner of Clinton and Berry. And on West State. And at Southtown. And on Illinois Road. And in New Haven ...

Check out the Fifth Third web site at https://www.53.com/wps/portal.

Otherwise, keep up the good bloggin'.

Jon ;)