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Opening Arguments

Out of the pool and into the court

Anybody left who still pretends the Olympics are about international good will and the purity of amateur competition?

Gold medalist Laura Wilkinson has sued to gain a synchronized diving spot that would remove Elwood's 15-year-old Mary Beth Dunnichy from the U.S. Olympic team.

[. . .]

The 10-page filing asks that Wilkinson and Jessica Livingston be placed on the team in the synchro 10-meter platform event, or that another competition be held against Dunnichay and Haley Ishimatsu.

[. . .]

Even though Wilkinson and Livingston had a slightly higher average at a selection camp, 329.88 to 327.32, a panel picked the Ishimatsu/Dunnichay team because it had the highest single score (346.98) of four rounds and a higher "projected competition score," according to the complaint.

I wonder why nobody's done a reality show yet in which the contestants try to come up with the most inappropriate things to sue someone over. No, that wouldn't do -- it would threaten the integrity of the criminal justice system, wouldn't it?

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