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Opening Arguments

Over the lines

You little people out there, don't worry your pretty little heads about this, it'll just confuse you. Leave everything to your betters in the legislature; if you can't trust them, whom can you trust?

 A citizens commission backed by the League of Women Voters and AARP will hold public hearings on the redistricting process and monitor the drawing of new maps by the General Assembly, but Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma says it might sow confusion.

[. . .]

Bosma says some people might confuse the citizens panel with the official remapping process.

To be fair, Bosma probably didn't intend to sound like a privileged, condescending member of the ruling class, but it sure did come off that way. Indiana should follow the example of the states that have removed redistricting from the political process. If it's a conflict of interest for legislators to vote on things that directly affect them, isn't drawing up your own district boundaries sort of the ultimate conflict?