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Opening Arguments

Paris burning

This has been a proud nearly Paris Hilton-free zone since 2005, but come on. First, her 45-day sentence is changed to a 23-day one, then three days into that, she was "fitted with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and released to the comforts of her 2,700-square-foot Hollywood Hills home due to a mysterious and unspecified medical condition."

But City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo denounced Baca's decision, saying his office was not properly advised and would have opposed it on legal grounds. Delgadillo asserted that only the judge - who had specifically said Hilton could not do her time at home and disagreed with the early release - retained jurisdiction over her case.

Steve Cron, a defense attorney who has represented celebrities, said Hilton was indeed treated differently: "I think the sheriff was just tired of the paparazzi and the increased security problems. ... I don't buy the reasons they gave."

Well, duh. I hate to sound like a cranky leftist whiner, but does anyone really think she would have gotten the same treatment if she were a hotel maid instead of a hotel heiress? Some outlets are reporting Paris had "a rash," some that she was "near a nervous breakdown" -- after three days. Basically, the poor, useless dear couldn't cope. Oops, I just drifted rightward again.

UPDATE: Back to jail, baby! Maybe I should make this an all-Paris-all-the-time blog. She's the pop-culture equivalent of a train wreck. You hate yourself for gawking, but you just can't help it.

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Fri, 06/08/2007 - 6:13am

I expect a flood of prisoner filings, claiming that they aren't coping well with prison either. The poor dears.