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Opening Arguments

Party animal

The headline on the story says, "Nude, intoxicated man tough to nab, cops say." Yeah, that's been my experience, too. It took up to 10 police officers to nab the 18-year-old man in question, who had started several fights in a campground and who continued struggling "despite being bitten by a police dog and hit several times with a stun gun."

Officers believe Whitlow ingested a combination of alcohol, cocaine, PCP and psychedelic mushrooms . . .

What's that old saying? "Beer on wine, all fine; beer on whiskey, mighty risky. 'Shrooms and PCP on booze and cocaine, man you gotta be insane."


Michael B-P
Wed, 08/05/2009 - 11:25am

Nonsense. He just missed partying in the 1960's and was doing his version of "break on through to the other side."