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Opening Arguments

Passing gas

There might be a campaign dispute out there somewhere that is stupider and lamer than the one being carried on by the Third District congressional candidates, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it would be:

With the national average of a gallon of gas well over four dollars, Democrat Mike Montagano says his Republican opponent in Washington is partly to blame. But, now the way he went about showing that is being questioned.

This is video of democrat Mike Montagano Thursday afternoon. He along with campaign staffers passed out $1.13 to costumers at a Shell gas station in Fort Wayne to symbolize the price of a gallon of gas when Congressman Mark Souder first took office.

[. . .]

Souder and the Republican National Congressional Committee accuse Montagano of buying votes - a violation of election law. "Nobody's going to argue that $1.13 is going to switch a vote. Election law says you cannot pass money," said Souder, "and you have him on tape passing money to influence a vote."

Montagano pulled a juvenile stunt that has nothing but the most superficial relationship with anything remotely involving reality and is unworthy of a serious candidate. Gas was $1.13 in 1995? So what? Stamps were only 32 cents, and you could get a dozen eggs for 87 cents. Let's blame Souder for increases for everything! But Souder's response came off as petty and petulant. To even hint at $1-a-vote "influencing" is laughable. This might end up looking like the national race -- the feckless young pup and the grouchy old man.


Sun, 06/15/2008 - 8:31am

When I learned that was the whole point of his political stunt, I decided that the Democratic candidate doesn't have a lot of imagination. Much like the incumbent.